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Germs, Be Gone!

Germs, Be Gone!

Be prepared for cold and flu season with these latest innovations designed to protect against the spread of germs.



Sniffle Buddies are a more sanitary, eco-friendly solution to the age old
problem of kids wiping their runny noses on their sleeves or hands. They are naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, absorbent wrist bands – made
of bamboo and organic cotton – that ‘catch’ sniffles. The fabric covers elastic bands that are secured by Velcro closures. They are sturdy and
easily removable by parents.  More at





This new stroller sign tells people to wash their hands before touching
your baby. My Tiny Hands features ‘Please Wash’ signs that hang from any stroller, car seat or baby carrier with an attachment ring. Doctors advise all parents to have others wash their hands before handling baby, yet it’s often uncomfortable for new parents to make this request. Now, the portable signs
do it for you.  More at



The Sure Fit Transit Cover keeps a barrier between you and your seat making you feel protected every time you board a plane or bus and is made from stretch suede with an easy and effortless fit.  Portable with a convenient pillow pocket, machine-washable, and designed to fit almost any plane or bus seat, you’ll want to bring one on every trip.

Sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond and online at