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This Father’s Day, Say it with Boom Boom!

This Father’s Day, Say it with Boom Boom!

He’s got great kids, every patterned tie you can imagine, and a toolbox that Tim the Tool Man would drool over. So what on earth do you get him for Father’s Day? Boom Boom! Cards, the intentional acts of kindness kit, are compelling and interactive – a gift for Dads that keeps on giving. Both the Original and Teen Edition card decks are available for purchase at for only $9.99.

Boom Boom! Cards engage participants in performing altruistic deeds, some as simple as holding the door open for others at every opportunity for one whole day, that are then “paid forward.” By working through Boom Boom! Cards as a team, fathers will find themselves connected with their children in a super positive way. There are 26 cards in each deck, offering 26 opportunities to get out of the house and spread guerilla goodness. Embrace that Dad is just a big kid, and track all of the ‘do-good’ action in the Boom Boom! community at, where each card can be registered, posted about, and followed. Show Dad you remembered those values he taught by bringing the ‘good’ full circle this Father’s Day with a little Boom Boom!

About Boom Boom!
Boom Boom! Revolution (BBR) is a social innovation company, founded in 2006. They create positive consumer products with the intention of inspiring an uprising of guerilla goodness. Boom Boom! Cards are the flagship product; they showcase a combined real world and online social network linking players globally through random acts of kindness that are paid forward. BBR is a 4th Sector Corporation, For Profit For Good. Boom Boom! Cards are made from 30-100% post consumer recyclable materials. Ten percent of the purchase price is donated; 5% goes to iSpot Compassion and 5% is donated to the charity of the purchaser’s choice. The BBR community can be found at