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Anti-Maternity Wear from Christian Siriano Proves Maternity Can Still Be Fun and Sexy!

Anti-Maternity Wear from Christian Siriano Proves Maternity Can Still Be Fun and Sexy!

MOODY MAMAS is the newest collection of the hottest maternity line in Hollywood worn by glamorous moms HEIDI KLUM, JESSICA ALBA, ASHLEE SIMPSON, TORI SPELLING & LAILA ALI – The clothing line is designed by CHRISTIAN SIRIANO – whose signature statement “Fierce!” became fashion’s biggest buzzword – just as it is about to go mainstream and launch an affordable and accessible collection for moms across America debuting at

Unlike the moo-moo’s of the past, Moody Mamas frees women and allows them to look hip and stylish for all 9 months of their pregnancy – and well beyond as the collection also transitions seamlessly to everyday wear after pregnancy.

Millions of women spend nearly $1000 on a maternity wardrobe that in most cases, she will never wear again – In sharp contrast, Moody Mamas represents a smart investment in this tough economy – one that will last long beyond pregnancy and become a part of her permanent wardrobe.

Incorporating his signature buzzword, CHRISTIAN SIRIANO has designed the “Fierce Mamas” high end collection.  As Christian says of the Moody Mamas line: “Who doesn’t want to be a fierce mama, dressed to impress in a brand that is all about style and glamour at a fabulous price. I love a Fab mom to be and I think the Moody mamas have hit the mark from head to stiletto!”

His business partners and founders of the line are 2 beautiful dynamic young women in their 20’s who are single and have never had babies! – a rather unlikely trio to design a maternity line – which is exactly why they threw out the rulebook and are shaking up the status quo by having created a bold, daring anti-maternity line that has injected style and fashion flair back into the lives of expectant moms everywhere.

With Hollywood’s baby boom and their stylish collection they prove that maternity can still be fun and sexy.