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A Guys Take on Valentine’s Day

A Guys Take on Valentine’s Day

A Guys Take on Valentine’s Day

By Jay Cataldo


With the massive expectations surrounding Valentine’s Day, guys are under a tremendous amount of pressure to make their women happy, yet even their best efforts rarely receive the appreciation they deserve. Since Valentine’s Day should (in my opinion) be a two-way street, here are four quick tips to reward your man for his V-Day thoughtfulness.

1. Appreciate

Our biggest fear on Valentine’s Day is that our gifts/choice of restaurant, etc. will disappoint you. Since we all LOVE to make our women happy, be sure to shower your man with love and affection to show that you appreciate his efforts. Keeping a big, cheesy smile on your face all day is good for starters.

2. Reciprocate

V-Day shouldn’t be all about the woman. Instead, it should be a mutual celebration of the love you have for each other. I’m not suggesting you buy your man flowers and teddy bears, but a little gift of some-sort would be nice. Note: most of us are VERY happy with gifts of a sexual nature. 😉

3. Sexiness

We know that buying you lingerie on V-Day (and nothing else) lands us in hot water, but this doesn’t mean you can’t make the purchase for us. One of the best ways to reciprocate your man’s efforts is to parade around the house in the new lingerie you picked out for the occasion.

4. Give him a “manly” version of V-Day

Since your partner faithfully comes through for you every year on the 14th, don’t you think it’s time for him to be properly rewarded? One of the easiest ways to make your man feel like a king is to surprise him with his own “manly” holiday. You can use your imagination here but I’ll say from experience that spending the day in a sexy outfit, cooking his favorite foods and attending to all his “needs” works VERY well.

Have fun!



Jay Cataldo is a New York life coach (, relationship expert, author of “Get Your Girl Back,” and the #1 coach on Twitter ( For more information on Jay’s relationship strategies and coaching programs, please visit: