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Summer Time Saver – Grab and Go Bags!

Summer Time Saver – Grab and Go Bags!

School’s out and it’s time for pools, parks and playgrounds … why not make getting out the kids out the door quick and easy by making sure everything they’ll need is in one place. I came across this fantastic post about creating grab and go bags on a MomBlogger’s site. Kristen from Sweetheart Moments, you are a genius! { Article below is written by Kristen … read more of her ideas on Sweetheart Moments }




I am so excited for the summer and you know how much I love to be organized and ready for some fun! Our days will be filled with playdates to the park, to the pool, and to many sandboxes. So, I am ready for each one of these activities. Over the last several weeks I have collected lots of fun toys and goodies for my three playtime bags. Now instead of running around the house and gathering everything we need before we go…these bags are just hanging in the garage and ready for me to grab and jump in the car! The first bag I created is my pool bag for the kiddos. It has everything we need to head to the pool. And after drying the beach towels and throwing those and the suits in the bag, we are ready to go! The bag includes: swimmer diapers for my baby girl, pool toys, sun hats, sunscreen and more!

The second bag I created is my park bag for the kiddos. It’s ready for a playdate at the park and a day of fun with our friends. The bag includes: bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a baseball and bases, a frisbee, a jumprope, and more!

The third bag I created is my sandbox bag for the kiddos. My three year old is really loving any park that has a sandbox lately. So, this bag includes: buckets, shovels, sifters, fun shapes, and more! We are ready for some sand and I don’t care that when we clean up…the sand is all over this bag, because this bag only goes to sandy areas!

So, there you have it…some organized fun! We are ready for all of the summer activities that will come our way. My kiddos love the bags and get excited when they see me grab one before jumping in the car. Many of the supplies can be bought at your local Dollar Store and those great bags are from Walmart. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun this summer and be organized! Kick off your summer right!

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