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Integrated Body Sculpting:  Supercharging Results with Aesthetics, Fitness & Nutrition

Integrated Body Sculpting: Supercharging Results with Aesthetics, Fitness & Nutrition

Unlike other plastic surgeons, Mitchell Chasin, M.D., Medical Director of the renowned Reflections Center for Skin & Body, doesn’t believe in a ‘quick fix.’

Sometimes all the exercise in the world can’t get you the body you desire, and even the latest high-tech cosmetic body sculpting treatments won’t last forever without a little help. That‘s why Reflections Center for Skin & Body has teamed up with nationally recognized fitness trainers and dieticians to offer a new option: Integrated Body Sculpting. This innovative new method to transforming your shape offers 360 degree approach, bringing together the latest body shaping technologies, specialized personal training and advanced nutrition to maximize patients’ results and to help them keep off the fat that’s been zapped.

“A common misconception in the world of body sculpting is the quick fix, that it begins and ends with a procedure like laser liposuction” says Reflections Center Medical Director, Mitchell Chasin, M.D. “For many of our patients, reconsidering their relationship with food and exercise is an important part of the process. We use cutting edge technologies to help our patients succeed in reaching their body shaping goals, and we’re determined to arm them with the knowledge and guidance to maintain them for a very, very long time.” Without looking at the whole picture, he says, even the best results can be in jeopardy of being only temporary.

Dr. Chasin finds there are typically two types of patients who are good candidates for Integrated Body Sculpting: Those that are in shape and need help making it the last mile to achieve their ideal body, and those who have a larger body mass and aren’t good candidates for laser liposuction alone. “For those who just need a little help reaching their goals, we use our integrated approach to supercharge their results and fine tune their relationship with food and exercise into the future. For those who are looking to shed a larger amount of excess weight, we dig deeper into their eating and exercise habits and create a customized plan that will prepare them for their procedure and keep them on track afterwards. It’s like liposuction for their lifestyle.”

The Center is working with diet and fitness pros, including Certified Health and  Nutrition Counselor and Director of Solaris Whole Health, Stephanie Solaris, and TEST Sports Clubs founder and personal training consultant, Brian Martin. Solaris brings 14 years of scientific experience and numerous holistic practices to the facility. Martin brings more than a decade of community fitness and sports performance program development, and he currently trains athletes who are preparing to enter the NFL.

About Reflections Center for Skin & Body:

Reflections Center for Skin & Body is located in Livingston, Bridgewater and now Martinsville, and was New Jersey’s first dedicated Laser and Aesthetic Medical Practice. The center offers a highly personalized multi-skin care approach and hosts an array of hi-tech lasers and other technologies.